Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sweet Souls

My sweet parents were kind enough to put two of my younger sisters on a plane last week and fly them down to see me. I'm a bit spoiled considering I had only lived in Arizona for 2 1/2 weeks when they came. I missed everyone so much though! So Grace and Chlo'e came to stay and play. The problem about playing here now is that it is 110 degrees on a daily basis. So going to the park just isn't what it used to be. (But it will be sweet in a few months!) So we went to the pool when we could, and we went to the mall and rode the two story carousel. And they came with me to swimming lessons every day. Lez and Linc took lessons for the last 6 days of a session. By the time we moved here most of the sessions were over. So we were lucky to get in 6 days. There were a few days that I was really sick and Grace and Chlo'e were so kind to me. Each night they would say, "Wake me up when the kids get up so you can go back to sleep." How nice is that?! I hated being a bit out of commission while they were here, but it really helped me to get better faster because I had extra sleep and extra help with the kiddo's when we were just hanging out.

Grace and Chlo'e are two of the loveliest souls to come to this earth. They are so kind, helpful, fun, goofy, and so quick to serve. They are always looking for opportunities to help someone. So imagine how great my life is just by being their sister! They are every bit as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I love them so much and can't wait for them to come and visit again soon!

Licorice Face

Screwball experienced licorice today in his car seat. Do you think he liked it?

Quince has a big head normally, but this is ridiculous! He looks like an orange on a toothpick! (Not that he is even close to being a toothpick! But the orange part is pretty accurate.)

Cookie Monster's

The kids had only been awake for 10 minutes this morning. I hadn't even fed them breakfast yet and I couldn't find Lincoln. He LOVES to play hide and seek, so I started looking in closets and the pantry and the bathrooms, all the usual places and still couldn't find him. I couldn't hear him either, which was unusual because he's always laughing when we look for him. Finally I looked over at the window to open the blinds, and Linc was sitting on the floor crouched in the corner with a bag of 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Lezlee joined him before I could stop her.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Moved!

We moved to Mesa. We've talked about it for a while but didn't know exactly when we would move. And then at the end of June, we did it. We packed up our little house that Spence worked his guts off in, the little house that we had all 3 of our little beauties in, and the first little house we ever owned, and we moved to Mesa, Arizona. We are happy here. Spence is very busy with work but loving it. He is working with wonderful people and has had doors opened to him and we are grateful for the opportunity. We miss our family, as we don't have family here. Although, the Perkinson family (Danny and Kasey and their families) have opened their homes to us and made us feel very welcome and comfortable in a foreign place. It is a small world here in Mesa, everyone knows each other! I get a kick out of it all the time! Most of the times that I meet someone new, someone that I already know comes up in the conversation and they end up being related somehow or grew up in the same ward, or went to the same high school or whatever. It actually has helped me to feel more comfortable here. I know it's been so long since I have posted, I'll have to get back to it again soon!