Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quince is quite the "hefty" boy weighing in at 28 pounds. And he isn't very interested in walking, which is fine because I can have a little bit of control over where he goes. I know that when he learns to walk, he'll learn to run, which he'll LOVE! And then he is free to go wherever he pleases, which is a little scary. Quince's personality is similar to Lezlee's..... CRAZY! So I'm a little nervous. However, this rather large child has been attached to my right hip, (I just can't seem to ever carry him with my left, much to my chiropractor's dismay!)for months. He is a bit of a "mama's boy" and needs to be carried everywhere so that I can keep up with Lezlee and Lincoln. My point is this, we got him shoes that squeak with each step in hopes that he would like the noise each step makes and he might want to walk. We think it is working, but it's only been a couple days. And we're still at the entertained stage, not yet to the annoyed stage that I'm sure we'll get to as soon as he walks well. The makers of these shoes were genius and made it possible to take out the squeaky part so that they can wear them as normal shoes! Wohoo!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Quick Recap

Our little family

Here is Lezlee on Christmas morning. You might ask yourself, where are her Christmas pajamas? Oh no, the girl won't leave her room still in her pajamas. Wierd! I could live in mine!

Linc thought he was so funny putting on his cousin, Addi Cate's bow!

Spence LOVES to tease the kids!! Here he is squishing Q's cheeks. They are just to irresistable!

Our trip home to Utah was OH SO FUN!! And COLD!