Friday, December 5, 2008


I love my sweet husband very much. I love my life with him and am so grateful for his hard work. He works hard at work and he works hard to help the rest of us be happy. He is a wonderful husband! And an awesome, fun dad!

I made this for him for his birthday. My sisters-in-law, Steph and Kelli helped me because I had never done it before. So thank you!! Then when I went to Utah for Thanksgiving my mom helped me frame it just right! How is she soooo right all the time?!! LOVE HER! And her sweet friends at the frame store that do a lot of work with her did it for me in 2 days, over Thanksgiving weekend! They are so nice and generous! But we celebrated Spence's birthday early with my family last Sunday and I couldn't wait. So I gave it to him then. So here is Spencer's birthday project....

If you can't read the writing, it says,
"Whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall by my people, and they God my God. Where thou diest, will I die."
-Ruth 1:16-17
My updates from the last 6 weeks all got out of order. Kinda weird. And also, my nephew Jackson was baptized so we made a trip out to Chicago. But somehow we didn't take pictures I guess. But that was a big part of the last 6 weeks too! Go Jackson! Also, I'm printing a retraction because I misspelled "handsome" when I wrote "Handsame Q." Sorry. Mistakes happen!

A Few updates from the last 6 weeks

The Fishes and Abe bought Quince this for his birthday. Talk about a rocking present!!!

Lincoln and Auntie Grace on the "roller coaster!"

We went to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving. This is Quince and buzzin cousin Sophie at Jungle Gyms!

Quince turned 1!!

Handsame Q is happy at the zoo!

Me and the kids went to the Phoenix Zoo! LOVE IT!
Steph and Marcus blessed their new little baby Abby!

Dallas:We all went to a bounce house for Quince's, Jackson's and Marcus' birthdays since they were all in November.