Monday, February 18, 2008

My Mom's 50th Birthday Party

My dad threw a big surprise party for my mom on her 50th birthday, Valentine's Day. It was so fun to pull one over on her. She was shocked. It was at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake and about 90 family members and friends came. People came because they love my mom and wanted her to have a good time. She is constantly doing for others and forgetting herself, so it was so great to work so hard planning something for her. My sister Maggie did most of the work, and my dad. They really did a great job. Mags should be a party planner!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Funny Lezlee!

Lezlee is in her room right now having "quiet time." At least that is what we call it. It usually isn't quiet at all. It's just more quiet for me to have her playing in her room for an hour than it is to have her playing in the family room. She is knocking on the door saying, "It's just me mom. I just want to come and see you!" That is her way of coming out and not getting in trouble. That girl cracks me up every day. She certainly keeps life interesting!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Spencer and Rachael

I've wanted to start a blog for a while because it is a fun way to keep updated on friends that you might not see often. It's fun for family to see, too. I'm moving soon to Mesa, Arizona and think it's a good time to get this thing going.

Here's what is going on now.....

Lezlee Ann is 2 years old. Potty training is the pits! At least for me. Lezlee doesn't care one way or the other. She's a smart girl, so we are kind of waiting for her to make up her mind. Lez talks up a storm all the time. It's really fun to know what's on her mind. It's usually pretty funny! Lezlee is a crazy little ball of energy. She doesn't stop running, jumping, dancing and talking until she is asleep. Even then, she talks in her sleep!

Lincoln Hux is a little goof-ball! He teases Lezlee relentlessly! He knows just how to get her! I'm not exactly looking forward to the teenage years because of the teasing thing. Boys never give up! He'll be teasing her until they are old and gray. He is trying to talk and adds new words to his vocabulary every day. No one really knows that but me and Spence, though, because he he won't show off his new skills to anyone. Most kids like when everyone claps for their new tricks..... not Linc. He just won't do it if someone is looking.

Quince Lewis is the newest little Crittenden. He came to us on November 20th. HE IS OUR ANGEL! He is a good eater and sleeper! He doesn't sleep through the night yet, but he only wakes up once. He is a cuddler, which is fun for anyone who holds him. Q is a happy boy!

Three kids under three years old is a lot of work. But is equally as much fun! I still need to learn to mellow out more, or I'll go in sane. But we are adjusting to having three. Lezlee and Lincoln are both crazy in love with Quince and that makes life fun!

Spence has a job waiting for him in Arizona. He and our friend Danny are building a town-home community on the Alta Mesa Golf Course. It is a really great opportunity for us and we are grateful for it.

Things I'm looking forward to about moving to Arizona....

The weather for 8 months out of the year.
Good friends down there.
Great shopping.
Awesome restaurants.
A bigger home. (950 square feet isn't much for a family of 5)
No more four months of cold, winter snow.
Mostly, all the times that family and friends are going to come and visit!!

Things I'm NOT looking forward to about moving to Arizona.....

I'll miss my family so bad, it will hurt every day!
Leaving behind good friends here.
The weather for 4 months out of the year.
My family.
The mountains.
The four seasons.
My family.
The beautiful snow.
And yes, my family. (Which means that I will be visiting Salt Lake pretty often!)

I hope, as I live in Arizon, that my list of things I love there will grow.

I love being a wife to Spence and a mom to Lez, Linc, and Q. I am grateful for so many blessings. Life is good!

We are finally finishing our little house to get it up for sale. Just a few details left to do, but still seems overwhelming.