Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last week I was doing the dishes and talking on the phone, not watching my kids like a hawk like I should've been doing. And Lezlee came running into the kitchen and said, "Winkie got a marker!! Quick! Come on Mom!!" So of course I ran. Luckily he only covered the right half of his face and not anything else in the house. But it was done with a big, black magic marker. This was not a Crayola job! Thankfully the people at Huggies know how to make rockstar wipeups! It took it right off. Except around his eye, I couldn't wipe that area as aggressively as the rest of his head! So he kind of looked like he had a blackish eye for a week!
Just a side note..... Lezlee's "L's" sound like "W's" and so when she says Linc's name it sounds like "Winkie" instead of "Linkie." Lets hope that nickname doesn't stick!


Sarah said...

oh my - i had forgotten about this incident. to be honest when i got the pic on my phone, i didnt think it was going to come off easily. so so glad it did.

Courtney Vance said...

I just have to laugh when I see this Rach. I'm just glad that your warden caught him before he got to the walls!