Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Lincoln!

I'm not always the most patient mom, or the most loving wife, or the best best friend, or the most selfless servant. Nor am I good at everything I attempt to do. But I will say this.... I am happy. I'm happy for millions of reasons.... My amazing kids that have the capacity to think that EVERYTHING is somehow incredible. They appreciate the simplest of pleasures. Take the look on Lincoln's face for example, I asked him how his cracker was that he was eating and he gave me this beautiful smile when he said, "Really good!" It's just a cracker! But he has the gift of making it seem like he just won the lottery. There is a definite reason that we are told to be like little children.

May we all recognize the good in EVERYTHING and share it with others.


Laura said...

Aren't little kids amazing. They have a way of putting everything back into perspective.

Michelle Huxtable said...

From watching you closely I know you to be the most loving of wives (easy to love a prince like Spencer) the kindest of sisters, the happiest of mothers and the loveliest of daughters. Your ability to serve all those around you till you drop is magnificent. I have been the recipient of such selfless service. This service will serve you well all the days of your life. I read recently that "as you divide your happiness with others it will multiply as it is returned to you" True happiness comes through service and you are living proof. Love Mom