Friday, December 5, 2008

A Few updates from the last 6 weeks

The Fishes and Abe bought Quince this for his birthday. Talk about a rocking present!!!

Lincoln and Auntie Grace on the "roller coaster!"

We went to Salt Lake for Thanksgiving. This is Quince and buzzin cousin Sophie at Jungle Gyms!

Quince turned 1!!

Handsame Q is happy at the zoo!

Me and the kids went to the Phoenix Zoo! LOVE IT!
Steph and Marcus blessed their new little baby Abby!

Dallas:We all went to a bounce house for Quince's, Jackson's and Marcus' birthdays since they were all in November.


Heidi said...

Hey it was great to see you over the holiday week next time I need to see the cute kids too!

critts said...

That bounce thing for Q is awesome! I'd love to get one for Abby when the time comes.