Monday, March 23, 2009

One Smart Girl!

Last night Spence was putting Lezlee to bed and she started to tell him about a boy in her Preschool class. Here's how the conversation went.....

Lez: Daddy guess what! Yesterday, my friend Preston left his blankie in the mailbox for the "Blankie Fairy" and in the morning he went to the mailbox and there was a baseball glove!!

Spence: Really?!

Lez: I want to put my blankie in the mailbox and then the Fairy will leave me something cool!

Spence: But honey, if you leave your blankie then you will never see it again. The fairy will bring you something cool, but you won't get your blankie back.

Lez: Oh..... (thinking...) Well maybe I could just put in a blankie that I don't like very much and still get something cool.

Spence: (Totally trying not to laugh at our conniving 3 year old) Well sweetie, the "Blankie Fairy" knows if you don't leave your favorite.

Lez: Oh man!

Seriously! Maybe all other 3 year olds are this smart and I'm the clueless one! But really, she can find a way around ANYTHING!!